publications / interviews


A book with a hole in it, Wendy’s Subway, forthcoming 2022


Interview with Zein Elamine on Shay w Na3na3 (WPFW), January 2023.

Interview with Michigan Radio: Stateside, April 2022

Review of our Habibi Futurism workshop in Hyperallergic: “The Tender Nuance of ‘Habibi'” by Sarah Rose Sharpe, August 2021. Habibi Futurism was co-developed with Leila Abdelrazaq and Levon Kafafian.

Reading and Interview with Majlis NY and Sherrine Saad – August 2020

Reading and Interview at Bottom Line Coffee House on Detroit Performs (PBS) – April 2017


Excerpts from Kilo Batra: In Death More Radiant, a play in three columns, two languages, and three time periods, written by Mariam Bazeed in fabulation and conversation with, and poems by Kamelya Omayma Youssef, and conceptualized by the two of them / Directed by Sherrine Azab, Instigated, developed, and produced by A Host of People, June 2021

Full play linked here.

A review of the play by Professor Aoun Jaber, published in Arabic (with translation) on his personal Facebook page.

“Dearborn’s Hamilton!” – Rasha Almulaiki, writer


Interview with Rabih Alameddine at Arab American Book Awards – November 2017

The Vampire Vigilante – (film review) Bitch Magazine, Winter 2014


Five Arabic Girls in The Sky, Poet Lore, 2021

After watching that interview with Um Kalthoum, I dance-cried in the bathroom for an hour and After Arwa said something about “not accepting a society that created the possibility of her death” , published in I Want Sky: a notebook celebrating Sarah Hegazy and queer SWANA life, in partnership with Mizna and the Asian American Writers Workshop, guest edited by Mariam Bazeed, June 2021

In the ن of it all, published by Poem-a-Day from the Academy of American Poets, curated by An Duplan, June 2021

On Telling Your First Lie and To The Lebanese Girl in Canada, Whether You Were Real or Just a Rumor, – published in “Observ(er/ed): An Investigation Into Surveillance”, an artist residency catalog by Zaina Baltagi with 11:11 Gallery and Collective, Jan 2021

Notes on Belonging – multimedia collaboration with Elsa Saade and Mohammad Golabi, released by Haven for Artists – Beirut, Oct 2020

Three Poems: the right speak, sonnet, Flowers for Tata and Jido – published on The Poetry Project, Sep 2020

Fish in Bushwick – published in Bayt Issue of Cordite Poetry Review ed. Zena Hashem Beck, Fall 2019

Frayed Towel Made Holy – Prayer [Rug] for This Non-Believer – published in Michigan Quarterly Review, Spring 2018 (Many parts here are cut off. Buy the issue or check out reprint in Beyond Memory.)

Reading (Feature) at Dearborn Open Mic – March 2018

City – published in Bird’s Thumb, June 2017

Xylem – published in Birds Thumb, Feb 2017

Political Prisoner (For The Jury) – published in Agape, Fall 2016 (in print)

Beginnings – published in Mizna, 17.1, Summer 2016 (in print)


American Road Trip and Notes on a Dearborn – forthcoming in Hatha Baladuna: Arab American Narratives of Boundary and Belonging (Wayne State University Press, 2022)

frayed towel made holy: prayer [rug] for this nonbeliever – Beyond Memory: An Anthology of Arab American Creative Nonfiction (University of Arkansas Press, 2019)