These blog posts are dated, as in categories and they’re old. Here, you’ll find little essays, notes, half-baked ideas, flash pieces, poems, random links, bookmarks, some of these entries please me more than others, and all of them are my bits of archive.

This archive shifts in and out of space, sometimes public space, sometimes private space, sometimes beyond that binary into absolute omnispace or some kind of nonspace–either way, this archive is an alive thing and I fiddle with it. This is to say, if you catch something today, it might not be there tomorrow.

Part of the existence of this thing is that I’ve kept an online writing space since I was a child. An open diary then blog and then the internet grew and so did I and social media and such and then I learned that publishing exists in all its different forms, so this archive also exists in context with other archives that are elsewhere, missing, kept private, have been disappeared or intentionally erased.